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full of comedy and circus skills.

Physical comedy professionals with a very careful aesthetic, a powerful body work and clown complicity. An explosive couple that began their career in 2017, from Argentina to the world.

Black Cat, White Cat?

Cats are agile, they jump, contorts and spin in the air. It is also said that they chase away bad spirits and negative energies. Just like this duo of clown acrobats with the laughter and pirouettes they generate.

Black and white is a metaphor of contrast: the giant and the small, with different characters and opposite personalities. At the same time, they complement each other in their differences. If you see them, it is humor at first sight.
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Javier “Chiquito” Casali

His kilometric legs, clownish gestures, and juggling dance makes him an unique specimen in his tribe. After failing the attempt of being an engineer, he decided to slightly change the course of his life and dedicate himself to circus theater. He studied a career in Street Theater and Circus Art Performance and also keeps on studying clowning, juggling, and acrobatics with many Argentinian and foreign professors.

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Paula Zapata

She’s an Arian, she lifts up giants as feathers on her shoulders. An escenic art performer student since her entire life. Actress with a framed diploma on the wall, comedian, and clown. Dancer since her teenage years, now as a young woman discovers the acrobatic world in the air, on the ground and upon many human beings. She fell in love with the circus and has sworn an everlasting love to it.


A show that humorously breaks the borders of time and space. Two globetrotting and extravagant clowns land on the scene and wordlessly tell tales about their land and the ones they visited. From South America, with its tangos and latin rhythms, across the ocean to fashionable streets, going around the planet back to the Viking Age. They immerse their audience in a comic delirium that will make them laugh out loud, surprise them and, at the same time, leave space for reflection in the guise of a joke. Will they have enough time?

“Atempo” is a circus-theater show that combines physical comedy, acrobatics, juggling and archery. A show with no spoken words, “Gato Blanco Gato Negro” presents a popular comedy for all audiences.

As it’s been thought to be performed while on the road, it has very few technical requirements: a minimum space of 5x5x5 meters (width, length, height); a suitable sound equipment for the space; a minijack cable that reaches the stage.

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> Milano Clown Festival: February 22-25, Italy (Audience Award) .
> Festival d´Arts de Carrer Centre Cívic Casa Groga: May 21, Catalonia.
> Cirkul´art Festival: May 25-28, Slovakia.
> Open Festival Mantova: June 8-11, Italy.
> Circus Culture Fest: June 16-18, Czech Republic.
> Street Art Riva Festival: July 1-2, Italy.
> Bamberg Zaubert: July 14-16, Germany.
> Fridolfinger Dorffest: July 22, Germany.
> Klangtherapie Festival: August 3-6, Germany.
> Flaniermeile Velden: August 11-13, Austria.
> Zürcher Theater Spektakel: August 17-22, Switzerland.
> KleinKunst StädtliFest Weesen: August 19, Switzerland.
> M´Art in the Street: August 27, France.
> Street Food Festival: September 25,1,2,8,9, Switzerland.
> Festival Spiccioli: September 9-10, Italy.
> Fira Tàrrega – Art de carrer: September 8-11, Catalunya.
> Zürcher Theater Spektakel: August 30,31,1,2,3,4 , Switzerland.
> Buskerbus: August 20-28, Poland.
> Flaniermeile Velden am Worthersee: August 13-17, Austria.
> Smiaf Project: August 5-7, Republic of San Marino.
> Festival Caminos del río: April 9-10, Coronda, Santa Fe, Argentina.
> Festival Itinerante La calle de la Alegría: May 28-8, “Juegos Sudamericanos de la juventud”, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.
> Summer season: Co-production with “Cambalache” company, 50 shows. January, El Bolson, Rio Negro, Argentine Patagonia.
> Argentina Florece Teatral: 3 shows. February, “Teatro La juntadera” Esquel and “Aldea Escolar”, Trevelin, Chubut.
> Fira Tàrrega – Art de carrer: September 10-12, Catalunya.
> Festival Multicultural Vórtice: December 4, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.
> Festival Internacional Payasadas: November 23-27, Rosario, Santa fe, Argentina.
> Summer season: Co-production with company “Palometas del Paraná”. January. Córdoba, Argentina. “Feria por el Buen vivir”, Capilla del Monte. “Feria de San Esteban”, San Esteban. “Cañito Cultural”, Alta Gracia.
> Summer season: Co-production with company “Palometas del Paraná”, 50 shows. January and February in Brazil: Arraial Do Cabo, Búzios, Cabo Frio, Búzios, Sana, Lumiar and Florianópolis.
> Festival Plazas Culturales: March 24, Camilo Aldao, Santa Fe, Argentina.
> Co-participation with Clowns Without Borders: March 18-21. Actions in popular neighborhoods in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.
> Summer season: February. 15 shows in the cities of Valizas and La Paloma, Uruguay.
> Festival Carpa Teatro El Bolsón: January 24, Patagonia Argentina.
> Itinerant circuit: January through San Martín de los Andes, Esquel, El Bolsón, Patagonia Argentina.
> Festival Internacional Payasadas: December 1-3. Rosario, Argentina.
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